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Classic Car Market has grown exponentially in recent years with a turnover in Europe of more than 20,000 million euros in 2012. Big business investors have seen in this category a profitable, safe and fun investment. Several analysts and media as prestigious as the Financial Times are publi- shing since 2007 articles about investmenting in Classic Cars as the new Art market.


Our Investment philosophy follows these 4 axis:



The assessment after a thorough analysis should be always the center of the process investment



The investment of a global nature and in various assets offers a wider range of opportunities and a natural way of diversify risk


-Long Term: 

The long-term investment offers the best opportuni- ties, but actively managing the short term add signifi- cant value



Good marketing has a demonstrable impact on the assets and adds an added value that translates into profitability




To ensure the best performance and to minimize the risk, our fund managers have assets divided in three groups of cars; Classic Collector Cars, Future Classics and Contemporary Limited Series cars.

Classic Cars

Future Classics

Contemporary Limited Series

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Historical Research

The sophistication of the classic car market has reached such a level that today the best investment is not only a search for the best car, the best model or best condition, but for the particular history of the vehicle. 

That's why is so important for Fund Drive to invest time and resources to track the precise timeline of each car.

Demographic, Social & Economic Analysis

An important part of the Fund management is the Demographic Analysis. The interest in cars classic has evolved over time and interest changes in every generation.


International events like Villa d’Este or singular events such as the Mille Miglia adds value to the vehicle.

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